Westcott FJ400 + Multi-brand Trigger


The Westcott FJ400 400Ws Strobe is your gateway to capturing breathtaking images with stunning clarity and depth. Featuring unparalleled color stability and a robust build, the FJ400 is engineered to withstand the rigors of any shoot, from the controlled environment of a studio to the unpredictability of outdoor locations. Its compact design ensures portability, making it an essential tool for photographers on the move. The intuitive interface allows for quick adjustments, ensuring you spend less time tinkering and more time capturing the perfect shot. With fast recycle times and a powerful 20W LED modeling lamp, this strobe is ready to illuminate your subject to perfection, shot after shot. The FJ400's also features a Bowens mount  and is compatible with a wide range of light modifiers expands your creative possibilities, allowing you to sculpt light in endless ways.

The Westcott FJ-X3M Universal Wireless Flash Trigger is equipped with multi-brand technology that pairs with most camera brands to trigger the FJ Wireless and Canon RT devices. This 2.4 GHz remote offers revolutionary compatibility with many Canon, Nikon, Sony (with adapter), FUJIFILM, Panasonic Lumix, and Olympus cameras. The FJ-X3 M mounts to a camera's hot shoe to wirelessly control multiple FJ400s, FJ200s, FJ80s, FJ-XR receivers, or Canon RT devices. Get reliable wireless connectivity up to 985' with enhanced performance in high-interference locations like weddings and events. It runs on a long-lasting removable lithium-ion battery. The FJ-X3 M is designed with a large display, user-friendly menu, and multi-select control pad for making quick adjustments. Functions include TTL, High-Speed Sync, Front and Rear Curtain Sync, Canon RT flash compatibility, group and channel assignment, Group Exposure Compensation, TTL to Equivalent Manual, modeling lamp settings, and much more.