Looking to add some colour to your next shoot and create a vibe? Well, you’ll definitely want to consider having a bunch of RGB tube lights on set.

Our Godox TL30 4-light kit is a set of versatile RGB light sticks that give you a taste of the rainbow! Well, maybe more like a view of the rainbow.

They offer a wide spectrum of colour which you can change by the turn of a dial. They’re also dimmable, allowing you to adjust their shine to just the right amount. Pressing the dial lets you adjust different values depending on your selected mode.

In addition to being compact and portable, you’ll find cool accessories like the two or eight-light couplers used to join the bars together, so you can annoy your colleagues between takes on set with your makeshift light-saber.

In the effects mode you’ll find 13 effects to choose from including sirens, fireworks, fire, and laser. And to add a Bajan cherry on top, these settings can all be changed with a few taps on your phone utilising the handy godox light app.

That’s enough of our raving for this article, get your rave on with the Godox TL30 by booking them today on