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About Us

Hello there,

We are delighted you’ve taken the time to pay us a visit; and in return, we sincerely hope we have what you need in our inventory.

Nu Visual Rentals is an equipment rentals company providing easy access to essential tools to all you audio-visual practitioners and hobbyists in Barbados, therefore enabling your ability to be more competitive regionally and internationally. If you are an audio technician, videographer, musician, photographer, live-streamer or provider of event services, then we have a hassle-free way for you to access equipment through our instant booking online store.

Our aim is to allow you to push the limits of what is possible with your projects instead of your pockets. This is the core foundation of our company, and how it has been birthed from the shared vision of the founders of AccuSounds Inc. and Nu Visual Media Inc.

As a development focussed venture, if we don't have something you are looking for in our inventory, we will do our best to find a solution for you through our extensive knowledge of what's on offer in Barbados and our strategic partnerships.

We look forward to collaborating with you and giving you the NVR experience.

Regards, Management - Nu Visual Rentals

Why rent from us?

When you rent a piece of equipment from Nu Visual Rentals, you are supporting the growth of the sectors we hold dear, while improving your project. It's a win-win!

Get the price, availability, quantity and select your collection time instantly on our website. No need to wait on a call or an email for availability or confirmation.

Things change. We get it... That's life! So once you cancel more than 24 hours from the time of your confirmed booking, that cancellation is free.

We believe the next generation of audio-visual practitioners in Barbados must have affordable access to equipment. So discounts are provided for Film, Theatre, Music or Communications students with valid ID.

The longer your rental is from us, the less we have to worry about getting the next rental, so if we win you win, with multi-day discounts.

From our customer service through to equipment maintenance and preparation, you will experience quality and value throughout all your interactions with us.

Easy access to the equipment you want without the pre-booking hassle for almost all the items in our inventory.

The Bigger Picture

The Vision

We see it, we plan it, we execute it. Our belief in collaboration and sharing of our vision is so that you know when you rent a piece of equipment from Nu Visual Rentals, you are supporting our long term goals of enabling you to create without limitations.

As you accrue experience and undertake more ambitious projects requiring even higher value audio-visual rentals, we will grow with you.

Nu Visual Rentals will be the development focussed one-stop shop for all your audio visual equipment rental needs in Barbados and in time, the Caribbean Region.

Phase 1 (2022-2024)

If you have made it this far, then you are already bearing witness to the major component of Phase 1, which is the purchase of equipment and implementation of systems to commence our service to you. As time progresses, we will be acquiring an edit suite that editors can rent with fully licensed editing softwares for more intensive projects.

This phase will also see see us having a studio area that can be used for small shoots, and a sound box area for those who want to record voice overs, or even song demos.

This would allow video and audio practitioners to avoid technical deficits when it comes to the production of their content. In Barbados, we don’t have the luxury of same day shipping of a system. So if an editor or artiste has technical difficulties with their equipment, there will be no need to worry. They can rest assured, we will have a solution to allow them to get the project to the client on time, or that demo to the music scout.

Phase 2 (2024-2027)

In Phase 2, we will commence a wave of expansion of the equipment rental options on offer and continue to form synergies to meet demand.

This is when we launch into investing in even higher-end professional equipment and cloud storage capacity as we anticipate the need to increase the company’s cloud capacity. This will be to serve as a redundancy for the secure storage of footage from rental customers using the creative editing suite when it comes on stream as well as new and existing clients.

This phase will position us to not only better serve the local markets but to be able to generate foreign exchange as many international productions entering Barbados would be able to also utilise our inventory in partnership with other local businesses to supplement any shortfalls. While this is not a core focus, it will be a welcomed benefit of our growth.

We have been able to critically examine the local market through our extensive networks and market research with some of the island’s leading creatives; as well as independently commissioned studies, which will be an ongoing initiative. We have also had valuable feedback from international producers such as Emmy Award winning producer, Felix Golubev of Associated Producers who has produced films for the likes of Samuel L. Jackson.

Dependent on the cost and logistics of intra-regional shipping during this period, we will begin to explore shipping options to our neighbouring islands of higher value equipment.

Phase 3 (2027-2032)

In Phase 3, we will push the boundaries as far as you need us too. We will continue to improve and expand our equipment offering and studio services.

Additionally, we will create a user-friendly stock footage website of Caribbean people, Caribbean landscapes, Caribbean culture. This will go hand-in-hand with the vision our intent of greater preservation of the cultural and creative fabric of the islands through the archival of 4K, 6K, and 8K media in the coming decade.

Our goal is to ensure that when our children and their children in the future look back on life in the Caribbean many decades in the past, it is as if they were there in the flesh, in Ultra High Definition (UHD).

This phase will see us lead an unprecedented level of collaboration between Caribbean creatives.

Important Notices


First-time renters: 

A valid, government issued ID, Driver's license or passport is required for first-time renters or persons authorized by them to pick-up. These can be provided via email to [email protected] where we will add it to your profile, or shown upon collection of the rental.



We are conveniently located in Unit #10 of the Small Business Development Centre in Fontabelle St. Michael (Not the Small Business Association). Between the entrance to the Chefette drive-through and the Barbados Advocate.



Please let us know when you plan to pick up and/or drop off so we may coordinate appropriately to ensure you get the best level of service. If you lose, or damage something, please let us know as soon as possible.