DJI Ronin SC

We showed you our sliders before and in the latest episode of In The Spotlight, we’re going to show you how to shoot in creative mode.

The DJI Ronin SC is designed specifically for mirrorless cameras. It practically makes your moving shots look like you were moon walking while filming.

In addition to the usual pan, tilt and gimbal follow modes, the pan-axis is also capable of turning 360º continuously, allowing for infinite 360º panning while in upright mode and underslung mode; and infinite 360º rolling in flashlight mode.

The smartphone app adds even more levels of manipulation with several features:

1. Virtual Joystick moves the camera via a digital joystick.
2. Force Mobile mode allows your mobile phone to take the wheel.
3. There’s also Active Track 3.0 which lets your camera track the subject.

Even in times of great instability, your shots don’t have be shaky. Book the DJI Ronin SC today on our online store:

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