EarTech Headset System

Behind every great event is a bustling stage crew with matching black uniforms running back and forth. Fortunately there’s a way to have seamless communication at your next production and help those legs work a little less.

The Ultralite headsets connect and transmit audio over distances of up to a quarter of a mile. They have a battery life of 5-6 hours and come with a charger which charges 10 batteries simultaneously. They are also easy to mute, all you need to do is turn the microphone upwards and then downwards again when you’re ready to talk.

The headsets can be connected to each other using 2 methods. The first method is to connect them to a master headset. Alternatively you could connect the headsets to the base hub. The hub can be plugged into a power source or it also has a belt clip that will enable you to carry to take it on the go. It also has the option of separating groups of headsets between two channels and a conference button which allows the
two channels to communicate when needed. We usually recommend using the base hub for larger venues as it provides a stronger signal between the headsets the the master headset alone.

However, no matter the method, just leave the programming to us and you can use them straight out of the bag like our other clients who love these comms so far.

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