Create the impossible!

Choose your rental period below to book our 400sqft studio with free rapid wifi and loading bay access. Note that studio bookings must be done separately from equipment bookings.

Our studio space can be rented in a modular fashion to allow you to get and pay for only what you need at the rates below:

1. Studio Basic - $125 per hour - A/C studio space at secure location (24-hr security) with adequate parking and bathrooms.

2. Studio Advanced - $200 per Hour - Includes everything in Studio Basic, plus seamless paper background colour of choice, and one large LED bi-colour panel light on stand with built-in diffusion. One additional complimentary backdrop colour change for each additional hour with Studio Advanced bookings of 2hrs or more. Includes use of kitchen (microwave/fridge) included.

3. Studio Premium - $500 per hour - Includes everything in Studio Advanced, and also includes access to use of predetermined camera, lighting/flashes, available softboxes, light stands, available mics, special seating arrangements for clients/talent and assortment of teas, waters and light snacks (up to five persons).

4. Studio Bespoke: 100% customisable. You can start with the Studio Basic or Studio Advanced and add on any equipment in our inventory to suit your specific project needs. 

Add-Ons: In addition to the actual space; lighting, stands, mics, backdrops, special seating arrangements for clients or talent, can be facilitated as add-ons to Studio Basic or Studio Advanced packages at affordable use rates of 50% off the day rate (on items $25 or over) for use in studio up to two hours. Durations exceeding more than two hours would incur the full day rental cost.

LocationWe are conveniently located in Fontabelle St. Michael with adequate parking, security, and loading bay access for ease of mobility if you have heavy equipment.

Booking: For studio rentals, we will need you to add your specific booking period to your rentals notes on checkout, and we will reach out with confirmation and official estimate or invoice.

If you need to book outside of opening hours (Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm, Sat-8:30-12pm) this can be facilitated as well for an additional fee with a minimum studio booking of two hours with Studio Basic or Studio Advanced, or for any duration with Studio Premium. Just let us know your requested times in your rental notes and we'll be in touch.