Whether you’re planning your next big production or shooting on a budget in Barbados, rest assured we there is a lighting solution that will cater to your needs.

In this article, we’re going to list some of the different lighting options available in inventory.

Tier 3

Ikan Floodlight:

The Ikan floodlight is perfect for the viral street interview format. It has a rechargeable battery which lasts around 2-3 hours at full brightness and can be charged with USB mini cables.

Ikan Spotlight:

Similarly miniature like the Ikan floodlight is the Ikan spotlight which features small barn-doors to focus the light it emits, one of which is translucent and functions as a warming filter. It’s rechargeable battery is also charged via its USB mini port and lasts about 2 hours at max brightness.

Tier 2

Godox VL150:

The VL150 are relatively bright with 60000LUX. It also has a slot to be powered by a V-mount battery. The light features a Bowens mount making it compatible with other modifiers such as our soft-boxes and collapsible lanterns. When rented as a single light, a stand is also included. When rented in the 3 light-lit bundle, the remote control to adjust and group the lights is also included.

Godox TL30:

The TL30 is one of the most versatile light kits in our inventory. The tube light has three different modes: CCT ( Correlated Colour Temperature ) which allows for cool or warm lighting, HSI ( Hue Saturation and Intensity ) for the entire RGB spectrum and Effects mode which has 13 effects in all including fire, lightning, party, TV, police siren among others. In addition to being mountable to the standard light stand with a 3/8” screw it also has magnets built in to both sides for easy mounting to metal surfaces.

GVM 560AS LED Panel Lights:

The GVM 560AS are a pair of LED Bi-Colour Panel Lights. The light from these panels can be controlled with their barn-doors and one diffusion sheet is included with each light. They can be plugged into your main current or function portably with NPF batteries.

Rotolight Neo 2:

The Rotolight Neo 2 three-light kit comes in a sturdy rolling case and is jam-packed with utility. Their main feature is their capability to be used both as flashes or video lights. Each light can be plugged in or alternative powered by 4 AA batteries. They are a bi-colour and the kit includes an assortment of gels with several colours to achieve different effects.

Tier 1

Aputure 600D and RGB Monolights (Coming Soon)

Aputure 300D II

The Aputure brand is widely recognised as being the industry standard. It gives you a brightness of 45000LUX 1 metre away and with the fresnel add-on that output can be increased to 80000LUX. Like the VL150, the 300D also features a Bowens mount which can be used to attach the Aputure Light Dome or any other compatible modifier. It also provides more portability with its two v-mount battery slots on both sides of the power console. The effect mode is able to recreate several sources such as a flash, lightning or an explosion. These effects along with the overall brightness can be controlled with the Sidus Link app.

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