CAME-TV Suction Cup Car Mount


The CAME-TV Suction Cup Car Mount is perfect for filmmakers, vloggers, and action sports enthusiasts who crave dynamic, moving shots. This mount attaches securely to any flat, non-porous surface, ensuring stability even at high speeds or during intense maneuvers. Its powerful suction cups provide a firm hold, ensuring your camera stays in place, regardless of the terrain or speed. The adjustable arm and swivel head allow for precise angle adjustments, enabling you to capture your shots from unique perspectives.

Key Features

  • Triple-Cup-Balanced Attachment Minimized Vibration
  • Payload of 110 lb
  • Length-Adjustable Legs 19.7"
  • Max Height 3/8"-16 Mounting Screw
  • High Strength Aluminum Construction
  • Carry Case Included