Behringer X Air 16


Unleash the power of professional audio mixing with the Behringer X Air 16, a revolutionary digital mixer that combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive design. Perfect for both live performances and studio environments, this compact powerhouse provides a versatile and streamlined solution for audio enthusiasts, bands, and production professionals seeking uncompromised sound control.

Key Features

  • 16 fully programmable channels
  • 6 aux buses and main LR with inserts, full dynamics processing and 6-band parametric or 31-band graphic EQ
  • Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity Midas-designed preamps
  • Onboard processor with a variety of reverbs, delays, and modulation effects Rugged and road-ready construction
  • USB connection for the recording and playback of uncompressed stereo WAV files
  • Acclaimed X32 effects rack with 4 stereo FX slots, showcasing premium simulations like Lexicon 480L, PCM70, EMT250, and Quantec QRScetc.
  • Real Time Analyzer (RTA) with 100 bands, applicable to all channel and bus EQ settings
  • Rack ears and protective bumpers provided for versatile rack and on-stage uses