Angler CatchLight Reflector with Frame and Silver Fabric



Key Features

Curved Reflector Matches Contour of Eyes

Captivating, Seamless Catchlights

For Portrait, Fashion & Beauty Photos

Use w/ Flash, Constant Light or the Sun

Fills in Harsh Overhead Shadows

  • Angler CatchLight Reflector
  • Silver Reflective Fabric
  • Tilt/Swivel Support Bracket
  • 2 x Tension Rods
  • 6 x Curved Tubes
  • 6 x Attachment Knobs
  • Carry Case

N.B. Light stand not included

White Fabric Add-On:

White Replacement for the Silver Fabric

Soft, Flattering Neutral Reflectance

Ideal for Portrait and Fashion

Mounts Easily and Quickly on Frame