4K HDMI/USB Converter


Convert your camera or switch output from HDMI to USB video for live streaming applications with the Atomos Connect 2 4K HDMI to USB Converter. The Connect 2 provides the same HDMI to USB conversion for live streaming applications and 4K30 support as the original Connect 4K, and this redesigned model includes a 7.9" long USB Type-A to Type-C connector to connect to even more computer models and devices. It also includes two hook-and-loop strips to keep the Connect 2 secured onto your devices.

Key Features

  • 4K HDMI to USB Conversion for Streaming Up to UHD 4K30
  • HDMI Input (8/10/12-Bit) Up to 1080p60
  • Output over USB Includes USB Type-A to Type-C Connector
  • Accepts Switched Feed from Shogun 7
  • Converts HDMI Signal to USB UVC Standard
  • 2 x Hook-and-Loop Strips Included
  • Android, macOS, and Windows Compatible