4-track Portable Recorder


The TASCAM DR-60DmkII Portable Recorder is an unbeatable solution for field capture, especially when it comes to video production. Using just four AA batteries (or an optional battery pack), the DR-60DmkII captures up to four channels in stunning 24-bit/96kHz quality directly onto its SD/SDHC/SDXC storage. Mount it under or over your DSLR and connect lavs, shotguns, and bias mics, or route your studio condensers and dynamic microphones into the DR-60DmkII's low-noise, +64dB phantom powered HDDA mic preamps. You get independent level knobs for each input source, as well as dual recording to capture the same audio source at different levels. It also comes loaded with plenty of video-centric features, including slate and transport controls, a 3-way low-cut for trimming mud, and a master limiter for preventing overages. You also get a Camera In/Out audio pass-through to monitor camera audio from the or to route the audio directly into your camera. A backlit 128 x 64 LCD gives you access to all essential settings and features on location. Also,  its USB 2.0 connection provides you with stable power and simple file transfer into your computer for editing and storage.