Dual Charger V-Mount Battery Kit ( Varying Quantity and Capacity )


Elevate your production game with the ultimate power solution - The Dual Charger V-Mount Kit Bundle. Designed for the relentless creators, this bundle ensures your gear stays powered up so your focus remains on capturing the perfect shots, not on the battery life. This comprehensive kit includes either 1 High Capacity V-Mount of your Choice or 2 98Wh V-Mount Batteries, renowned for their long-lasting performance and reliability. Whether you're filming on location or in the studio, these batteries are your powerhouse, offering extensive runtimes for cameras, lights, and other essential equipment. Accompanying the batteries is the V-Mount Battery Charger, a compact yet powerful device engineered to recharge your batteries swiftly and efficiently. With either the 2-bay you can simultaneously recharge two batteries, ensuring they are ready for action whenever you are. Its intuitive design makes it incredibly easy to use, turning the often tedious task of battery management into a seamless part of your workflow. No more worrying about running out of juice mid-shoot or the hassle of carrying multiple chargers.