Mattebox Bundle


Matte Box

Key Features

15mm LWS Rod-Mount Matte Box

105mm Lens Opening

Built-In Fixed Filter Holder

4 x 4" Square Filter Tray

Top and Side Flags

1" Height Adjustment

Made of Hard Plastic / Aluminum

Lens Support

Key Features

Fits Standard 15mm LWS Rods

Y-Shaped Lens Support

Fits up to 150mm Lens Diameter

1.4" Vertical Adjustment Range

Quick Release Knob Adjustment

Aluminum Construction

Base Plate with Rod Clamp

Key Features

2 x 15mm LWS Rod Clamps

2 x Tripod Mounting Plates

Helps Balance Front-Heavy Camera Rigs

1.6" Front-to-Back Adjustment

Use Rod Clamps Separately or Together

1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 Mounting Threads

Non-Slip Top Surface

Thumb-Lever Locks


SmallRig 2 x 11.8" and 2 x 7.9" M12 Threaded 15mm Aluminum Rods + 2 x Threaded Rod Connectors - 1659